View Our Floor Projects for some of our recent projects that we have under taken and documented on the way to help inspire your next flooring project.

Floor Laying Project.

Transforming Your Space: Our Expert Floor Project

With an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional wooden flooring solutions, Done Right Flooring takes great pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. These qualities are evident in every project we undertake, as we strive to transform your space into a beautiful and functional environment. Here’s a breakdown of one of our recent projects:

Removing Existing Particle Board and Carpet

On day one of the floor project, we mainly focused on removing the existing particle board and uplifting the carpet. Unfortunately, we did not take photos of these stages. However, we have an image of the whole floor we laid, which showcases the final result.

Prepping for the Lay: Wooden Floor Stitching

Before laying the new wooden flooring, we had to ensure that the floor was properly prepped. This is where wooden floor stitching comes in. We remove every second board with a joist difference, which is the process of stitching. Our expert technique guarantees the proper installation of your new flooring, while eliminating the possibility of an unsatisfactory finish. Our photos showcase the meticulous care and attention to detail we dedicate to this process, ensuring each board is perfectly aligned and securely fastened.

Wooden Floor Project Stitching

Wooden Floor Sanding and Finishing

Despite the challenges faced, we have completed the task at hand and successfully laid the wooden floor boards. You can see the absolute makeover the floor has given.

No ugly straight line in the floor making it look and feel amazing, this client requested a stain of our secret blended stain.

Wooden Floor Staining

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